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Personal meets professional…what does that mean? Maybe we should first start by describing what a personal statement is. You are applying to your preferred undergraduate or master’s program. You need to do a thorough reflection of yourself and your professional life. Where to begin?

You possess a unique set of skills, experiences and a vision that sets you apart from other candidates and applicants. How do you make yourself stand out with your application and immediately draw attention to your unique personality? A personal statement acts as a forerunner. It carries your projection for yourself and tells someone who has never met you about yourself and what you carry. Most students can’t write personal pieces for the life of them. We offer personal statement writing help for those students who are at the crucial point of making out college applications but don’t know how to begin or go on with the process. We make the process more personal by learning about you as an applicant and what vision you carry, aligning that vision with the school that you are applying to.

We try not to get emotional, but we want your personal statement to be a true reflection of who you are. How do your previous experiences mesh with your professional and academic paths and accomplishments? Your personal statement should be able to convey who you are, where you are and who you want to be. You have an opportunity to create a connection with your admissions officer. Get professional personal statement help from the experts. We have written for thousands of students around the world.

Why Would Anyone Write My Personal Statement?

Our personal statement writers know what ingredients should go into your document. There are a few things that we know should go into your personal statement. Articulate the following in your work;

  • Why do you want to pursue the course especially in the institution that you are applying to? Institutions want candidates who complement them, and it is important to let the school know what you want to attend there.
  • Explain why you are right for the course. What experience do you bring and do you have a passion for learning that complements what the institution wants? Schools usually look for people with very specific attributes, and you should strive to learn what they might need, either from alumni or other sources such as school websites.
  • What extracurricular skills do you bring to the table? Don’t shy off from mentioning hobbies, talents and any other skills that you might have.
  • What transferrable skills do you have? Is it leadership, management, problem-solving or coordination? Do you have volunteer experience and how have you used that opportunity to progress further in your educational ambitions?
  • Having a long-term plan in mind will go a long way in convincing an admissions officer to settle for you. It shows you have a vision, an acute sense of direction and you have weighed the work that you need to do to get there.

A personal statement writer from us will help you craft a strong opening statement. This will be the first punch that you land with your statement. Prevent overkills which will make the admissions officer think that you are trying too hard. We avoid gimmicks and instead tailor and use your real life experience to draw instead to yourself.

What Are The Steps To Write My Personal Statement For Me?

To get connected with a professional personal statement writer, do the following:

  • Fill out the order form and attach the details of what you need to appear in your statement. Get as specific as possible.
  • Proceed to make a part payment. This will send your request to our QAD team who will then connect you to our writing department. Our writers are well versed in the application process itself, and we know where to start with writing an effective personal statement.
  • Your personal statement order will then be put in progress, and our writers will begin the process of creating your document.

You will have access to multiple free reviews, once the document is done.

How Long Will It Take To Help Me Write My Personal Statement?

Most students ask “what period should I give you to write a personal statement for me?” We work with speed and quality, and we will give you an uncompromising statement in just a few days. We have tons of benefits that our service offers including:

  • Authentic and original services. We provide originality with all our works, and we make sure you own it.
  • Affordable pricing. We make sure our offers are all reasonably priced, and we don’t charge an arm and a leg for our work.
  • Confidentiality and privacy agreements. We take your privacy very seriously, and we understand the gravity of academic documents.

Only Experts writing personal statements for me

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