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Lab reports contribute a significant portion to your practical and lab courses, and they usually present a significant challenge in technical disciplines. From a lab report, you will hypothesize on a specific study area, test the theories through already outlined procedures and methodologies and explain what those results mean and what analogies you can draw from them. A lab report will have the following main components;

  • A title page, though this may not entirely be necessary. In that title page, you will include the following information:

-The title of the experiment

-Your name and that of any other lab partners

-The date of the experiment and the date of submission

  • Title; gives great guidance to your work and should preferably start with a keyword.
  • The introduction; In one sentence, try to explain the purpose of the test and what you are doing, with background information, a hypothesis, and anticipated or achieved results in a nutshell.
  • Methods and materials that you will use in the test.
  • The data and the results.
  • A discussion and analysis.
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Graphs

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