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Writing a critique essay means that you have already read another paper or a document that you are willing to criticize. You need to remember that criticizing doesn’t mean being negative about it, it means introducing new, or different points of view. You need to review the paper or the document carefully and present the ideas in such a way that you could convince your target audience.

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  • Introduction

In writing based on a critical essay format, there are at least three segments that you must have in your essay. The first one is the introduction. This is the same paragraph as with any other essays. For your critical essay, you should provide a summary of the article content that you wish to analyze.

  • Main objective

The succeeding paragraphs will then provide the main objective of the essay. It should contain an analysis of the author’s viewpoint and the reasons for writing. You should also delegate your analysis of his work and interpret what he wants to say to the readers. You may discuss the essay’s strengths and weaknesses and then relate them all to your own opinion.

  • Conclusion
    Thelast part of the critical essay format is the conclusion. It will wrap up the main summary of the essay and the discussions that you have. You should generalize a certain opinion about the essay at hand and then give a single most effective description of the essay. Make sure that you reiterate what you have said in the thesis statement.

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